Our mission is to integrate businesses of all sizes with the opportunity to enhance performance, optimize growth, and heighten revenue through the power of recognition.

We believe recognition to be one of the most powerful strength that directly influences a company’s bottom line.

Our goal is to motivate discovery by recognizing inventors, designers, and engineers for contributions to innovation.

What We Value

  • Customer Success – Our focus is for our clients to excel at what they do everyday.
  • Integrity – All business matters and operations are handled with only the highest ethical standards.
  • Quality – Our manufacturing process was developed to give us complete “quality control” of our products before they go out our door.
  • Diversity – We understand change is prevalent, with our ability to adapt and adjust; we are able to achieve resolutions faster with more flexibility.
  • Respect – We respect our clients, the business that we are in, and the people we work with.
  • Accuracy – The work we produce is a must be mistake free product
  • Ambition – We are constantly setting new goals to accomplish on a daily basis!
  • Fun – It’s not worth doing unless you have fun doing it!