1. Customer Dedication – Our internal operating system is established to better serve our clients. We thrive on the satisfaction that clients receive from our thorough & “easy to get along with”, customer service department.
  2. Exceptional Accuracy – Our attention to detail is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed by a double proofing method that we have developed.
  3. Custom – Everything we do can be customized to any specification. We strive to surpass expectation by turning the ordinary into something unique and extrordinary!
  4. Shipping Logistics – We ship anywhere in the world. Whether it is a partial order or a single award, our database is constantly updated to better serve your needs. We can even directly ship your awards to specific mail stops or mail code within your organization.
  5. Upscale Craftsmanship – Our production team is devoted to precision, quality, and personalization. We produce and assemble all of our awards at our manufacturing facility. All awards are handcrafted and inspected by quality control before they are packaged and shipped.
  6. Product Durability – We produce our plates through a process known as Metalphoto®. This process is a contact exposure method on .012 gauge photosensitive anodize aluminum. The final product is resilient to smoke, salt water, fading, and most chemicals. The durability of these plates is unsurpassed for longevity.
  7. Corporate Emphasis – We are not a mail order company targeting individuals with patents. Our focus is to assist businesses in designing a recognition program for their Research and Development, and Technology departments.
  8. Monitor Patent Activity – A major time saving service that we provide to our clients. We work hand in hand with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and track patents that issue to our clients on a weekly basis. This information is stored in our on site database for reference.
  9. Family Owned & Operated – There are never any hoops to jump through or forms to be approved. We are large enough to supply corporations but small enough to give the personal attention our clients deserve.